~Ramadan is coming! ~

salam walakum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barkatoh,
I pray this reaches you in strong deen and eman…
Ramadan is coming are you ready? I dont feel i am . so these months before Ramadan comes. i have decided to study fiqah, fatwah , hadith and quran about Ramadan, fasting and salah (prayer). In hopes to be ready. I dont want to waste any time and I DEFIANTLY want all my ibbadah accepted. This is the site I will be working off . it was SOOO much benefit

Ramadhan & Fasting

Regarding hadith. If you dont have sahih Bukari/Muslim.
I really like the site search truth


You can search quran and hadith (just words) or you can read them . My favorite English translation is Mohsin Khan. This translation has been suggested by most of the ulmah (people of knowledge)

I hope this is helpful . I will try to also post Benefits of what i learn these months here too. Also, please share with me what you have learned and/ or studying . I would love to hear from you!

BarakAllahu feek for your time and kindness