*My Intentions*

salam walakum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barkatoh,
I pray this reaches you in strong deen and eman and good health
Good Morning , Afternoon, Evening

i started this blog along time ago! with my mother… i made a mistake or maybe intentional deleted all the contents of this blog.  When i made the intention of this blog it was to share Islamic ilm (knowledge) Hikma (wisdom) that I/we study.  We will go back to that inshAllah I really want to have something out there that people can benefit from . also, hopefully my mother can gain some reward also.

The name came from my mom. I said: ” mom when you think of islam what words come up?” She said: PeacefulWisdom….. so here we are. May Allah have mercy on my mom and make her grave spacious, protect her from the punishments of the grave and grant her jennah amen . May Allah gather me and all the ummah in good and in jennah also amen

jazakAllahu khyrn
Thank you for your time and kindness

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